"Ottawa needs a space where our hidden talents can really be brought together and celebrated. I started prototypeD in 2011 because I recognized there was a creative vacuum in the city with respect to a physical space with resources for creative people to just let loose and make amazing things. I was picking up on a vibe in the city that let me know that below the surface there was so much energy just waiting to burst forward and kickstart this city. The City of Ottawa and Province must have felt the same thing, because this project is attempting to do exactly that on a larger scale. With the large capital investment that they received, the City is making innovation and creativity one of its main priorities for the next round of growth in this part of Canada. And it is coming at exactly the right time.

In the Bayview Yards, we all have an opportunity to experience a new kind of ecosystem, one of creativity and innovation, which is bustling and busy and exciting, and where the potential of this generation can find a foothold to move up professionally and make a big splash on our society. The space should be open, bright, and engaging, and the architecture at Bayview supports exactly this kind of environment. When I first toured Bayview I saw that it was an "architect's playground" and that it had the potential to transform into an awesome ecosystem for creativity. Our design team however is bringing this to the next level. We are moving Bayview forward with modern new architecture, preserving the heritage while enhancing the use of the building through modern details as well, incorporating green and sustainable energy solutions, and designing the interactions in the space with beautiful concourses, cafes, incubation areas, rooftop gardens, training rooms, presentation areas, and much more. It really will be a dynamic, multi-faceted space. But the people will make this space really unique. It will be a hallmark creative space, outside of but compatible with the high calibre of thinking from our post-secondary institutions, and open to all. I believe that Bayview will become the creative outlet that prototypeD and others have been working to foster for years now, and it will be a big boost to the creative sector that has been waiting to emerge in this city for decades."

Janak Alford, Founder and CEO
March 5th, 2014